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Pre Construction Services

Pre-construction services encompass a range of crucial activities that take place before the physical construction begins. From project planning, budgeting, and design coordination to site analysis, feasibility studies, and obtaining necessary permits, our team provides comprehensive pre-construction services. This phase ensures a solid foundation for a successful construction project, enabling efficient decision-making, risk mitigation, and cost optimization before breaking ground.

Conceptual Budgeting

Construction conceptual budgeting involves the early estimation of project costs based on initial design concepts. It provides clients with an understanding of the potential costs involved in their construction project during the early planning stages.

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Estimating is the process of calculating the anticipated costs of a construction project. It involves analyzing project requirements, materials, labor, and other factors to provide accurate cost estimates and budgets for successful project planning and execution.

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Scheduling & Phasing

Scheduling and phasing involves the strategic planning and sequencing of construction activities to ensure efficient project execution. It outlines the timeline, dependencies, and coordination of tasks to achieve timely completion and minimize disruptions during the construction process.

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Constructability Analysis

Constructability analysis is a methodical evaluation of a construction project’s design plans to identify potential issues, conflicts, or inefficiencies. This analysis helps optimize construction processes, improve project coordination, and enhance overall project feasibility and success.

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Logistics Coordination

Construction logistics and planning coordination involves the systematic organization and management of resources, materials, and activities to ensure smooth project execution. It focuses on optimizing efficiency, mitigating risks, and ensuring timely delivery of construction projects.

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Value Engineering

Construction value engineering is a systematic and collaborative approach to optimize the value of a construction project. It aims to identify cost-effective alternatives, enhance functionality, and improve overall project performance while maintaining quality standards.

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